Our Future Is You.

Congratulations to our #Next70 competition winners!

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we ran a competition to give away over £70,000 to local youth initiatives across our locations in Gibraltar, Malta, Bermuda and Canada.


Congratulations to our Gibraltar winners - Childline Gibraltar
and Little Smiles who received £8,000 each. Learn more about their winning ideas and our other finalists below.

How to have your say



Submit a youth-based idea that will help strengthen our community.



Argus selects their top ideas based on the judging criteria outlined below.



Shortlisted ideas are showcased on Argus social media for community voting.



Our community votes for the ideas they think will have the most impact.



The charities or non-profits associated with winning ideas receive £8,000.

Learn more about our top entries.

Our goal is to deliver a programme that directly improves the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Gibraltar. We would look to train a group of 10-20 young people as Wellbeing Ambassadors - these children could be chosen by the Pastoral Leads of their school. Once selected, we would support them to run a project to improve wellbeing for their whole school. The young people who receive our training will develop life skills, which could greatly impact others in their time of need.

For the past six years, we have been running a cybersecurity club after school hours. Having started with 7 children, we now boast over 30 attending weekly sessions. We are assisted by professionals from the private sector who teach the students and prepare them to compete in various competitions. Over the years, we have been fortunate to have various companies offer internships and work experience to some of the club participants. Looking to the future, it is clear we need our youth to learn new skills for future jobs. We are now setting up a coding club which will run after the cybersecurity in January. We are also looking to work with the private sector to highlight the skills lacking in local youth and setup initiatives to plug these via vocational courses, online tuition and working partnerships. To facilitate this, we would be looking to using potential funds from Argus to fund hardware and professional certified courses which would see our youth more employable in technology jobs.

An ongoing concern is the personal and social development of young people between the ages of 14 and 25 with mental health issues. There is very limited support and more often than not, this group of young people are affected, have had poor schooling, and struggle to access support at any level because of their social situation. We want to offer practical and psychological support and we are in discussions with a number of agencies including a supported employment practitioner. The number of young people affected is rising steadily and it is a worrying concern for the future. Of great concern is the propensity of this particular client group to engage in harmful behaviours and to potentially consider suicide in the early years of adulthood. A number of these young people end up offending and then access to support and future opportunities are limited much further. We will target different areas of need including educational, psychological, employment and social integration into society. There are a number of educational resources already in place and these have proven to be effective. The long term impact of a project of this nature cannot be underestimated. 

The Scouts believe in preparing young people with skills for life, encouraging them to do and learn more. Each week we actively engage/support over 400 young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. We celebrate diversity and stand against intolerance. Our Programme is designed to help young people develop/learn new skills, learn about their local community/wider world, improve their fitness and health and develop their creative talents. HM Government of Gibraltar - Department of the Environment, is working with us to improve and expand the Governor’s Lookout Scout Activity Centre and Camp Site in the Upper Rock. The current site is inadequate and its development will include discovery and experimentation with the biodiversity of the Nature Reserve through environmental/adventure activities. Set in Gibraltar’s Nature Reserve, the centre will offer a wide range of activities for young people and adults, whilst preserving the environment. The necessary improvements and expansion of the Activity Centre and Campsite will achieve a safe working zone for the youth, allowing the site to acquire international recognition as a (SCENES) Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature and Environment.

Little Smiles supports students at St Martins Special School & Early Birds Nursery who have a range of abilities, diagnoses, challenges, and strengths. A common theme for them is their capacity to enjoy life, engage with other children and have fun. We would like to fund a programme of after school activities for our children and a school day trip. These activities are commonplace for children attending mainstream schools, but aren’t easily accessible for children with additional needs. Little Smiles has successfully initiated a programme of daily after school activities catering for all abilities and interests. They include a fun fitness class for all, yoga, wildlife and gardening fun in Alameda Gardens and adapted cricket. We propose to secure a place for each child to attend for one day of activities at EcoSpirit in Tarifa, which specialises in holistic and sustainable activities. This includes horse riding (equinatherapy) and interaction with other animals and nature. It addresses some of the challenges our children face by increasing their fun and enjoyment whilst at the same time engendering the concepts of sustainability and the importance of nurturing our surroundings with respect.

Honourable Mentions

Please see the list of honourable mentions below:

Gibraltar Dyslexic Support Group | Gibraltar Hearing Issues & Tinnitus Association | Gibraltar Heritage Trust | Nautilus Project | Education Department | Gibraltar Skatepark | Parent and Child Society | Club House Gibraltar | Kitchen Studios | The JM Memorial Foundation | Gibraltar Youth Service | Little Smiles | Canine Welfare Alliance | Action4schools-Sierra Leone


This contest is open to legal residents of Gibraltar, who complete the online idea submission form. Ideas submitted must support a registered charitable or non-profit organization to be considered.

TIP: If you don’t work for the charity or non-profit organization associated with your idea, you may want to confirm its feasibility before submitting.

Yes. If you have more than one idea, please feel free to submit additional applications.

Ideas must support youth-focused initiatives to be considered. All submissions will be judged based on the following categories: innovation, inspiration, creativity, sustainability, feasibility and impact on youth in the community. Confirming the feasibility of your idea with its associated charity or non-profit organization in advance will also strengthen your entry.

Once the Argus Steering Committee has selected the top ideas, the shortlisted ideas will be featured on social media (Oct 22-Nov 5) where community members can vote for the ideas they think will have the most impact by commenting on the social media post using the #Next70 hashtag.

Winners will be announced Nov 6, 2020. Argus will donate £8,000 to the registered charitable or non-profit organisation that will support the execution of your idea.

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If you had £8,000 to support Gibraltar’s youth, what would you do? Tell us your idea by Oct 18, 2020 for a chance to bring it to life.

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Remember, your idea will be judged on the following criteria:
Innovation, Inspiration, Creativity, Sustainability, Feasibility, Impact on youth in the community

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