Motor Fleet and Car Insurance

Our Motor Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Insurance plans offer businesses confidence & flexibility

Looking to secure 5 vehicles or more under a single policy? Argus provides business with Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Only coverage for their vehicles.

We Offer Protection Against a Variety of Vehicle-Associated Risks




Comprehensive OnlyArgus Motor Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides financial protection of your motor vehicles against damages caused as a result of an accident.



Argus Motor Fleet Insurance can protect Motor Fleet & Commercial Vehicles against Theft.

Liability to Third Parties

Liability to Third Parties

Our Motor Fleet & Commercial Vehicle policies will cover you against your legal liabilities to third parties arising as a result of an accident during use of the motor vehicle.

Additional Protection

New Vehicle Replacement

Comprehensive Only: Argus will replace your vehicle with a new vehicle. Limits and restrictions apply.

Personal Belongings

Comprehensive Only: We will pay for loss or damage to personal belongings caused by fire, theft or accidental means whilst they are in or on your vehicle. Per incident maximums and restrictions apply. 

Fleet Discount

Argus rewards safe driving and low claims with discounts applied to your fleet policy.

Private (Non-Commercial) Motor Fleet

Should you or your household own 5 or more vehicles we can insure these as a fleet.

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