Marine Cargo

Argus offers the security of coverage that is just right for your needs.


Marine Cargo Insurance: What Can Argus Provide?


Lost in Transit

Our marine cargo insurance offers coverage for direct physical loss of or damage to shipments that are in the process of being imported to Gibraltar.

Flexible Coverages

Whether you need coverage for a one-off shipment or annual open coverage, we can provide against loss for most types of nonhazardous goods (including household and personal effects). Policies cover shipments by land, air and sea.

Door-to-Door Coverage

To ensure that your items have more than enough time to reach their destination, our coverage takes effect from the time the item leaves the warehouse, premises or place of storage and continues through its ordinary course of transit, ending when it reaches its destination.

Additional Protection

Flexible Limits

Argus will work with you to determine the most appropriate limit for your needs. 

Insurance Market Expertise

Our expert knowledge of the insurance market allows us to assess your requirements and ensure that your insurance plan is right for your needs and budget.

Customer Commitment

Argus is deeply committed to providing first-class quality service to all our customers, with experienced representatives who can answer questions and provide solutions.

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Why Choose Argus?

At Argus, we’re proud that all of our underwriting and our claims decisions are made right here in Malta. Contact us and find out why Gibraltar-based companies have trusted Argus for speedy, friendly and local insurance coverage for over a decade.

Excellent Customer Service

When you need a quote, immediate cover, or you need to make a claim, we pledge to give you an instant response, locally made.

Comprehensive Coverage

Your peace of mind is our priority – and our wide range of insurance coverage on offer demonstrates this.

The Right Level of Insurance Coverage

Worried about having too much or too little coverage? Our experts will help you decide the level of coverage best for you.

Global Recognition

The exclusive Chartered Insurers status is evidence of our commitment to an overall standard of excellence and professionalism to our customers, partners and employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any vessel that is over six metres in length and any vessel, irrespective of size, that is mechanically propelled must have, as a minimum requirement in Gibraltar, cover for third party liability.

Argus are one of a few insurers in Gibraltar who handle all claims locally. Our experienced claims team is supported by a carefully selected, network of surveyors and repairers. Decisions are made swiftly, and locally, and are backed by the Argus Customer Charter. Please feel free to complete a claim form.

If the vessel is over 12 years old, we would require an "out of water" survey with a surveyor of your choice. We would be happy to provide details of qualified surveyors operating locally. Otherwise, no survey is required if the boat is in sound, seaworthy condition.

The standard policy covers third-party liabilities of £250,000 but coverage can be arranged for higher limits where necessary.

It is similar to a motor policy in the sense that it can be arranged to cover damage to your boat, as well as protecting your liabilities to third parties against damage or injury, for which you were responsible. Coverage can be tailored to your individual needs; and we would be pleased to provide further details.

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