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We are fully committed to our customers and staff

Our Leadership

Our directors and management team are dedicated to promoting collaboration and innovation throughout the company. They are focused on the goal of ensuring exceptional service for our customers and committed to setting Argus apart as a leader in the industry.

Board of Directors, Argus Insurance Company (Europe) Limited


Keith W. Abercromby, FIA (Chairman)
Sheila E. Nicoll, FCII
Alison S. Hill, FCMA, CGMA
Tyrone Montovio, MIoD CMgr FCMI ACII Chartered Insurer
Constantinos Miranthis IFoA
Peter R. Burnim, MBA
Michael Macelli B.A (Hons) Accountancy



Management Team, Argus Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd


Alex Bonavia

Alex Bonavia ACII Chartered Insurer

European Head of Direct and Intermediary

Tyrone Montovio

Tyrone Montovio MIoD CMgr FCMI ACII Chartered Insurer

Chief Executive, Argus Insurance Company (Europe) Limited